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Coronavirus Cleanup Tips from the Professionals

The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has people and businesses scrambling to protect their loved ones and employees from infection. The country is uniting in efforts to flatten the curve through social distancing and higher standards of cleaning.

As a professional disaster restoration service, we are sharing our knowledge of infectious disease cleanup based on years of experience.

In this article, we will provide cleaning tips for:

  • Infectious Disease Cleanup at Home
  • Commercial Infectious Disease Cleanup
  • Commercial Biohazard Cleanup
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Commercial Environment Cleanup

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, our focus will be on:

  • Infectious Disease Cleaning
  • Infectious Disease Containment
  • Infectious Disease Disinfection
  • Infectious Disease Decontamination
  • Infectious Disease Sanitizing

Promoting Infectious Disease Containment

The best way to keep your home and business free of the coronavirus is to practice social distancing and elevated hygiene habits. Preventing the infectious disease from contaminating you and your space is priority number one. If you must leave your home or go to work, make sure you practice the following CDC recommendations to get your household ready for COVID-19:

  • Stay at least 6 feet away from other people while in public
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, including when you first arrive home
  • Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible
  • Do not touch your face
  • Cover your coughs or sneezes with a tissue
  • Minimize your time away from home as much as possible

Infectious Disease Cleanup at Home

The first thing you probably want to know is how to disinfect and sanitize your home against coronavirus. We all want to keep our families safe, after all. Standard disinfecting products, like Lysol and Clorox, do kill the coronavirus. But, if you do not have these products on hand, you do not need to go to the store to purchase them and risk exposing yourself to the infectious disease. Cleaning your home with hot water and soap will also work.

Or, you can mix your own cleaning solutions using pantry items you may already have, including water, vinegar, and baking soda. A 50/50 vinegar-water mix is a very effective disinfectant. Infectious disease decontamination can be achieved by cleaning with vinegar.

Commercial Infectious Disease Cleanup

Commercial infectious disease cleaning entails more than home cleanup because of more foot traffic coming in and out of businesses. Every employee and customer poses a risk of introducing the coronavirus to the workplace. Every employee that can work remotely from home should be allowed to do so.

Those who must be at the workplace need to be a part of your Commercial Infectious Disease Cleaning Team. Being apart of the CIDC Team means they are hypervigilant in washing their hands and surfaces they are responsible for, such as their desks or cash registers. They must train themselves not to touch their faces and to keep as much distance as possible between themselves and coworkers and customers.

If possible, it is recommended to give each employee a form of disinfectant to keep with them at all times, such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, soap and water, or a vinegar solution.

Every employee needs to play their part, but the business owners need to take their cleaning procedures to the next level. Give updated cleaning schedules to cleaning staff that increases the frequency of cleaning and emphasizes high-touch surfaces.

High-touch or high-exposure surfaces include:

  • Doorknobs and door locks
  • Hand railings
  • Countertops
  • Cash registers
  • Telephones
  • Computers
  • Coffeemakers
  • Refrigerators
  • and more

Ideally, businesses that must remain open should hire a professional cleaning service to aid in commercial infectious disease decontamination and disinfecting.

Commercial Biohazard Cleanup

If any employee or recent customer has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or shows significant symptoms, all business activity should cease until commercial infectious disease containment is established. Depending on the situation, your business may need professional services that specialize in commercial biohazard decontamination.

For instance, if an elderly patient was diagnosed with coronavirus in a retired living community, those in charge of the community should hire commercial biohazard cleanup services.

Environmental Cleanup at Home

The coronavirus has the potential to survive in the environment for a few days. This means the virus can survive on everyday objects like cell phones, envelopes, boxes, clothing, and more. The “environment” includes interior and exterior facilities that people are exposed to, such as mailboxes, patios, dining rooms, and so on.

Because of the broad scope of environmental cleanup, cleaning habits have to go beyond washing hands. All existing items that were recently touched fall under the environmental cleanup disinfecting protocol. Plus, any items you bring into the home or office should be treated as if they are carrying the coronavirus. Wash or disinfect incoming items that others have been in contact with in the past few days.

For instance, if you receive an Amazon two-day delivery, you should clean the purchased item if it is not in packaging. After removing your items, you should dispose of the packaging and delivery box and immediately wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Be mindful that several people were involved in packaging, shipping, and delivering those items in the past two days, each of which could be a carrier of coronavirus. Environmental cleaning is the key to infectious disease containment!

Commercial Environmental Cleanup

On a commercial level, environmental cleanup needs to be a continuous process. Public offices, transportation services, grocery stores, etc. need to take environmental cleanup sanitizing seriously, as they have the greatest potential for spreading infectious disease. Sanitizing and cleaning need to be done on a strict schedule to minimize the transfer of the coronavirus through the environment. If an employee or customer coughs or sneezes on an object, it should be immediately cleaned.

Health organizations are promoting more frequent cleaning at businesses. Environmental cleanup is essential not only for the health of employees and customers but also for the success of the business during this trying time. Many companies are opting to hire commercial environmental cleanup cleaning crews to help them reach the highest standards of cleanliness.

In Summary

We hope this article has helped answer your questions on infectious disease cleanup. As a country, we need to unite in our efforts to flatten the curve and slow the progression of COVID-19. Together, we can save lives.

If you reside or own a business in southwest Virginia, our Master Restoration Team has joined the fight against this pandemic. We have the proper safety gear and proper training required for effective infectious disease cleanup.

If your home or your place of business has been exposed to COVID-19, Contact Us today.

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